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Sports Injury Assessment & Treatment

Sports Injury Assessment & Treatment

The Sports Injury Center in Aurangabad of Dr. Gajanan Deshmukh is the most influential resource for quality health care, complete recovery, and injuries to sports and orthopedics. We are home to a team of specialist sports & orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, dieticians, who provide our active patients with a personalized patient-centered recovery plan by pursuing a multidisciplinary strategy to get them back to their active lives.

In our facility, along with our rehabilitation team, we treat athletes and non-athletes of all ages with top-of-the-line care that helps patients develop strength, improve balance, become more versatile, and increase their stamina.

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A sports injury is a form of injury that happens when a person is involved in some sort of sports activity or during exercise. Due to several factors, such as overtraining, failure to warm up, lack of fitness, and inappropriate form or technique, a sports injury may occur that can lead to injuries such as
Acute Injuries such as:

-Muscle tears

-Ankle Sprain


-Knee injuries like ligament tears or cartilage injuries

-Rotator cuff injury


-Tendon Ruptures

Or Chronic Injuries like:

-IT Band syndrome

-Hamstring Strains

-Runner’s Knee

-Tennis Elbow

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